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January 2024


Welcome to ShadeThings


After many years in the making, we are excited to finally bring ShadeThings to the world with our first product, the Deckhands™ clamp system!

The inspiration for the Deckhands™ clamp system came from wanting a simple, inexpensive, and clean looking solution to keeping patio umbrellas stationed and ready to use when needed.  We didn’t want to take out the stand and umbrella and set it up for each use, only to then have to either take it down, lift and move it out of the way, or have the wind do both by knocking it over. 


​One of the keys to the benefits offered by the Deckhands™ clamp system is the idea of creating shade at the perimeter of a deck that will cast the shade shadow into the deck area as the sun moves across the sky in the afternoon when most outdoor deck leisure activities tend to happen. Combined with through table or other free-standing umbrellas, it becomes part of a shade solution for your recreational areas. Tilting umbrellas add to the ability of throwing even larger shadows as the sun gets lower.  


The patent pending Deckhands™ clamp system is the 4th generation of models we made. The final version keeps with the design intent of simplicity; to not be more than it needs to be and not to rust or deteriorate outdoors. It is formed from a single strip of 304 stainless steel and uses a simple bolt and a knob for tightening. It closely fits around a standard 1.5 inch pole and uses only a friction hold which avoids gouging the pole with screws or having it sit at angles due to oversized holes found on most umbrella holders. It is strong where it needs to be and flexible where it can be.


In the near future we are adding different mounting geometries with a corner mount variation and will be offering a set of reducers to use the Deckhands™ clamp system to hold other patio accessories like string lights, tiki torches, solar lights, etc. We are also looking to offer a mountable outdoor fan option.  We have prototyped other models which can attach to aluminum square pole fencing and round poles.


We are excited to share with you the benefits of a well equipped deck area for your sunny day and outdoor night activities!


Please explore our site and contact us with any questions.


The ShadeThings team.

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