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Deckhands™ clamp system

The Deckhands™ clamp system consists of 2 Deckhands™ clamps plus 8 mounting screws. Options are available for mounting to either wood or composite materials. The only difference is the screw length. 

Note that composite installation requires a wood support inside the composite surface to screw into. If you have something different, you should evaluate its ability to support the Deckhands™ clamps.

Most installations will use the flat mount but we also offer a corner mount version. 

We offer single sets as well as 2, 4, and 12 packs with quantity discounts and free shipping on multiple sets.

Just Released!!

Pole Adapters

ShadeThings™ Pole Adapters are sets of nested adapters for accommodating common pole sizes for outdoor items like tiki torches, solar lights, string light poles, etc. 

Now made from flexible Dupont Hytrel, they are weatherproof and UV stable. Already bought the previous rigid model? - Contact us for a replacement.

The set of Pole Adapters can adapt to either 3/4, 1, or 1.25 inches down from the Deckhands™ clamp size of 1.5 inches. 

Install Deckhands™ clamps all around and use the Pole Adapters for umbrellas, string lights, tiki torches, LED flame lights, solar lights,  or whatever else can be held up by a standard pole. Adapter weight limit 10 lbs. Always keep weight centered over the pole as much as possible. 

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